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All sums of money involved on behalf of Kajushop, KAJUKENBO CANADA.COM, shall be limited to sums equivalent to the price of the merchandise ordered.

Return policy

Sales are non refundable once the merchandise is shipped. However, it is possible to make an exchange.

If the merchandise isn't what the client ordered (proof of this must be submitted), or if it is defective, the client may return the unused merchandise, provided it is returned in its original packaging.

The client has ten days following reception to exchange merchandise. Re-shipping must be paid by the client, and all shipping risks are under client responsibily.


Kajushop, KAJUKENBO CANADA.COM plays a role as a link between the customer and the product manufacturer. The warranty covering the goods is therefore the manufacturer, and it is the latter to assess whether the merchandise is defective or not.

Defective product and established as such by the manufacturer will immediately replaced, provided it is still manufacture